Are you a natural lovers? Amphibians, mammals and reptiles are living in same wet tropica forest, they are involving in the forest food chain and web, such as bananas are eaten by bunch of monkeys, small deer is eaten by groups of wolves and insects are eaten by frogs and anteater. Monkeys love bananas, so bananas are "Wild", standing the biggest role in this slot game. 

It's simple tutoring game, three combinations have to create in the same round, if generating 4 or 5 similar symbols per round, the bigger the payback may get by the players. Earn the 1000 times lottery when Monkeys bring you a plate full of wild symbol bananas,  the time comes, bonus game shall begin when the asleep volcano is awaking.

All symbols and special abilities are appearing in this game but this Monkey slot game doesn't have the bonus round game where people have a big catch in the round. Free spins are also not be found and may loses many chances for players to win.

Up to 50 lines which players can perform diversity with. These big range occurs players easily earning some credits from the game. The minimum credits per line is 1.00, maximum will be 5.00.