The Emperor is the owner of the castle and head management of the region. Queen has the objective to accompany with the King, to protect the castle from attacking and else secure whole citizens from any danger. The Joker is the closest assistant of King, also stand with the most important role for exploiting message to all citizens latest news and else follow instructions from King with managing with army's fire weapons. 

 The game consists of 5 reels, players are able to pay most of 40 lines for creating combinations in this game. The minimum bet in the game by players have to pay is 4 credits as much as 40 paylines, 0.10 credit per payline. The issue from the game, is players must pay 40 paylines, it cannot be clarified to other numbers. If Scatters have landed in 9 total in middle of reels 2,3 and 4, the slot will automatically given 12 free spins to players as a bonus. 

The Pay Table session is classified by very neat alignment similar size of symbols. The table has listed with between 3 to 5 elements for creating combinations and their value credits amount can get. King has the biggest influence among overall the special characters and symbols in this game. It has the most top amount payback among the whole set.