Casino Bunny

Travelling to holy casino place, Las Vegas is a really high expenditure in most people's budget from their mindset and life plan. Not only the flight ticket, the accommodation and three meals spending cost are also the fun fact which people will think and realize about. 

A lady bunny has a superpower hero, which can substitute with any symbol in the game. It's called "Wild", but it cannot be replaced with "Bonus Game". As above, the normal bet amount by playes can get a reward amount of 1.60 credits. As player had set the multiplier into 2, so the credit reward is totaled by times two. 

The "Bonus Game" is calculated based on your total bets times by 2. This bonus round is a gift to every player in game, for earning a chance and high value of rewards. All wins in this game may most selected by left to right. 50 credits need to pay by players to activate 243 different ways combination gameplay. 

There have much as 5 reels which players can play in Casino Bunny. The reels can be compounded into multiple different amount of credits prizes, referred to your amount bet and the number of paylines purchased by players.