"Shadow Shows" is created and managed by PlayStar enterprise. It's population is very low and powerless on generating new coming players. The main reason is the few characters are seeming terror and may frightening many players. Dragon icon maintains in very low graphic and no animation supported in it, making less attraction in it. 

The rules and regulations are ordinary as the Wild and Bonus are functioning as well. Yet, it hasn't any extra bonus round for players getting more chances to spin more. Every game has their pros and cons, it is usually identifiable. Tiger and horse transportation are became as a lucky symbols for bulking up in this game. 

Players may getting their payback within minimum 0.10 credit. So yes, it is based on your bet amount into the game. The 0.10 is the revenue getting from the minimum bet amount. 

The type of winning rate in "Shadow Shows" can be justified the image above as you can see. The dragon icon helps players to receive more valuable credits from the game and, contain huge multipliers amount by others.