Okie Dogie

Okie Dogie is a slot game which inspires animals lovers, includes the dogs lovers. It's full of cuteness and lovely background which gives dogs a sweet home. The little old board brings the family loves scent spreading to players, kindness and patience. The symbols are going in the colorful way to present and other simple icons like bone toys, pet house, and two little dog. 

 The symbols are designed and formed from key chain style with pearl as decoration. The Wild is a pot of dog food, and the bonus is a present of dog. The dog is seeming acting cuteness and wishing every player having a good luck and best memorable in the game. The winning rate also quite high and this term attracts many players come in to play. 

The rules in Okie Gogie is truly alike with other slot games, yet it is created in more cuteness and girls' preferable way. 

243 different ways for players to explore and identify, the patterns are unexpected by most players in slot casino. Five reels are kept in the game and the minimum players spend is 50 credits, to perform the rotation starts.