Disco Fever Night

Disco was known as the most popular hip-hop style dancing in 19th centuries of years. That time, people are touching in Streetwears and these Streetwears trend brought Disco into a field, they both became a relation. They mostly affected by American young teenagers and mid-adults. 

The cartoons and symbols are looking animation and adorable. When players win in a round, these cartoons starts moving and dancing without pausing. Roller and Dj beatbox are the starter pack which may be found in disco bar. Whisky is the signature drink which everybody loves to drink in disco bar, and has the characteristic as "Free Bonus Game". 

The most beneficial payback is from performing 3 Wilds in per round of game. 25 credits can be credited if players lucky to get with. Roller skates is the worst payback rate which can get. The payback has to reach 3 to 5 of similar symbols in per game round. The number of the similar symbols are directly proportional towards the level of the payback.