Aladdin appears in slot game to fulfill players' wishes (earn more credits from games). As we know, Aladdin has its superpower to give you what you really want. Few story characters join in Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, evil sorcerer and Genie. The work art of these characters is fine and meticulous, overall is much looking real. 

The record from previous games in Aladdin has been listed down into the system. You also may go to Sidebar button, next click in the chart by second icon. You may scroll the results to watch your game record. 

The combination in three Wild card generates multiples of reward, winning amount will base on your pay. If your pay bet is higher, the reward will be on the way to be higher. 

20 paylines are available for players playing with. Not worried about for losing game. Players have guaranteed by the system acquired in Aladdin.