King Of Colosseum

There have been a great number of empires that have managed to rise and fall throughout history, with some of them truly leaving a lasting impact on the world.Perhaps the most famous empire in all of history is the Roman Empire. There is still plenty of mystique and mystery surrounding it in the 21st century, with the Roman Empire now brought back to life with Colosseum, a new online slots title from PlayStar. This is a game that certainly aims to carve a niche in the market and smash the competition, just as the Roman warriors did to rival armies’ way back when.

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Fruit Party

Of all the classic themes for slot games, arcade slot machines with fruit icons are probably among the best known and most popular in the casino market. Fruit Party is one more addition to this large family. This video slot game from PlayStar, is hiding some big wins under its classic look, not to mention a quick game play that will keep you hooked from the very beginning of the game.

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In general, Kungfu is a Chinese martial arts. In China, They also called "Wushu" and "QuanFa". Each form of kung fu has its own principles and techniques, but is best known for its trickery and quickness, which is where the word Kung Fu is derived. In this game, players may enter a China "Shaolin" temple, experiencing the highest reality power of Kungfu. Try KungFu slot online for free in demo mode, with no any download and registration required and read the game's review before playing by real money.

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Bikini Party

Bikini party has sun bright effect on it, and we mean sunglasses required when we say that! Bold vibrant colours flash and fade all over the game both in the text, background and on the outfits of the rather obvious posing girls who occupy the screen frequently. Each girl has their own unique poses and matching sexy bikini outfit and you will want to see them frequently for more than the usual reasons – each girl being a high payout symbol standing apart from the other traditional Ace-9 playing card icons used on the 5 active reels.

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Peacock King 2

Peacock, also called Peafowl, is a common name for three bird species in the genera Pavo and Afropavo of the family Phasianidae, the pheasants and their allies. They have large, colorful pheasants (typically blue and green) known for their iridescent tails. They brings elegant and perfection from their body scents. 

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Athena is the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war and the adored patroness of the city of Athens. Her families are Gods and he was born in war. Athena is a 243 pay lines slot based on Athena the Greek Goddess of warfare, handicraft, and knowledge. It got five reels and three rows which are placed against a backdrop of a primaeval gateway. The game is aesthetically and audibly a treat for all.

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Are you a natural lovers? Amphibians, mammals and reptiles are living in same wet tropica forest, they are involving in the forest food chain and web, such as bananas are eaten by bunch of monkeys, small deer is eaten by groups of wolves and insects are eaten by frogs and anteater. Monkeys love bananas, so bananas are "Wild", standing the biggest role in this slot game. 

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