ION Casino


The basic live casino games are keeping their status on market, as they are the most powerful and high demand generating in the casino games. The most interesting point is, live casinos have functional to increase the population of conferencing in the tables of casino. Players may also enjoy the live games with other recognized and unrecognized players, enjoy the happiness and exciting situation and plan together with strategies and theories. The gambling skills of any casino players are not only decent increment, also can make closer the relationship and communication between players. 


 It's truly seeming reality of players at the casino table, giving the most high experience for any player, without any side of losses and unprofitable. Beautiful bankers are waiting for you participating the table, enjoying the high class end service from us and our patient customer service. There are a few of category selections on players choosing for. They can play bet in Player or Banker field, Big or Small and Player's or Banker's pair. 

The banker is starting with giving two cards each side. The total single amount is less than 5, the side has a chance to draw one more card to gain higher value. 8 and 9 is the most valuable and highest amount. 


Roulette starts with players put their bet into the Roulette table. Players have suitable and enough time for thinking and choosing their bet on the table. After 30 seconds, players are not allowed to put their additional bets. The banker put a ball into the spinning wheel, the ball will stop with a number among 36 different numbers. Odd or even number is the easiest way for any new player playing Roulette. And it is the most low risk by any other option to play with. 

If player bet in the variety of two possibilities options, the reward will be automatically set into 1 per 1. Means, player put 50 credits into the Odd number field, if the ball is stopped into the Odd number, the reward will be directly calculated as 50 credits. So, the player will get 100 credits from that round. 

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is the key term of rolling with dice. The banker will rolling the three dices without any screening out, for players unable to see them. So, players have standing a character on guessing the actual number, feature and pattern of the three dices. Players will get the rewards once they guess the right amount in any round. The biggest ratio which rewards can be earned by players is 150:1, which means players bet on 100 credits. Once the win situation occurs in it, players can get 15,000 credits in the round. It's a very high amount, but also have to inform that such as risky game. 

After players had placed their bet, the banker will open the screen to show the dice after the clock had timed out. The bigger zoom in screen has shown as above condition to prove there's no cheating in the game. The games will be much secure and guarantee players' winning chances and abilities. 

Dragon Tiger

Dragon is a legendary mysterious creature which lives in a Chinese culture. Dragon and tiger are competing each other as they are born as enemies within each other. Overall games are generating 1 per 1 winning ratio, but the situation comes to a tie condition, it will be resulted in 11 per 1 round as winning rate. It's high risky way to try your luck out.

The screen has generated some small tips for players as their important message and reference. The percentage of winning probabilities will be shown as above image.