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Players can explore in Sbobet to find their ideal online live casino games. What is your dreamy live games? Meet beauty queens, high winning rate, easily dispatch? All you can find in Sbobet. Experiencing with Sbobet, grow together in online casino field.



This CT855 provides platform for players enjoying online live casinos, very high appearance as the actresses in the games are beautiful and attractive. Not just a Roulette or Baccarat game, there also create many rooms with different actresses, you have priority and choice to choose, which you want to go forward. The six categories which are in the games are, Baccarat, DragonTiger. Roulette, SicBo, Fightbull and Sedie. These are the players which can enjoy ot free access unlimited without any annual fee. Then how to top-up credit? Contact woth our online customer service by entering Sbobet and click in "Help & Supprt". Customer service will assist and guide you what to do next, for entering payment. 


Baccarat - The Banker and Player games. Most players are knowing the method playing and strategics as they play Baccarat most of the time. Sbobet propose many live Baccarat table for players, as players are much high demand on playing full exciting moment and experience.Not only the graphic and the winning rate, customer service is also players'factor on choosing their investing platform. 

The table base is quite large enough for players choosing site without making any mistake. The rate of bet amount against earn amount also have been listed on table, for every players more understanding about the function of game. It states very clearly and easily seemable by every players.

 Above is the players which is on the game. All bet by players can be seemable in the table game. Also can be found that players are came from different countries and regions. 

A chart is given out for players as references. Smart players have their mind and predictable strategies which they able to take. The total of the game, the winning round by Banker or Player and match in tie, are also can be seem in the same bottom column. The different colours represent different of winning site.  


Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger - Usually same as actual Banker and Player module games. The dragon and tiger are just the substitution by Banker and Player both side. The return rotio in this game is normal condition one per one, and the tie site is 8 multiplies than the normal rate. It seems quite high and attractive return rate. But it also have the higher risk taking than both site betting in the table game. 

The difference between Banker Player and Dtagon Tiger, Dragon Tiger has a slot ability for players more multiple choice within even or odd number, and black or red. The reason of these selection made, is let players lower their risk in bet. Players may separate their risk on other bet side, example as these. 

On the right column site, there is a tool which players can randomly change the table to what they want to watch and play. For example, a player is playing with Dragon Tiger with already betting an amount. He/she able to change table by using this shortcut, to watch or play other table, this way takes easier fast earning than anyone.



Roulette - A high risky pendulum rolling game. Yet, it is the most generated biggest gold prizes in the game in any round, the multipliers can be up to 36 times. Seeming so attractive... When you start a game, players choose their numbers to put their bet in the Roulette table game. Their bet will be terminated if the countdown is ended. 

After the last countdown, it will show "no more bets" for notifying all players in the game, players are not be able to put their bet into the table game as the game has starting. The ball is rolling in the game.

Miss out the result? Don't worry, it will be highlighted brightly as shown example above. 



Fightbull - This game also be called Bull Bull. This game is dealing with 5 cards each player per round. Find three cards, which are plused up to 10 or even 20 or 30. Next, watch the other two cards which will bring you to the real single numbers. For example, the both cards are equal to 15. The point number in the game will be calculated as 5. If the player's three bottom cards are matchly and equal to zero, the whole number deck from the players is 5 points. 

The biggest point the players can get is 9 point while the minimal is zero. The versus between three players and the only one banker, which site you like choose to bet?



Sedie - For guessing the buttons which is placed on the plate after banker shaked it. Playing with even and odd number, is the easiest way to earn in this game. Your luck is in your hand. The winning ratio is up to 12 times multiplies, it's very high amount. 

The chart below is appeared to record all the results along the game. After a game, the result will be listed in the chart. Players can be placed it as a reference.